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Slovakia, sustainability and pigfarms

TYPE Sustainability
ADRESSE Slovakia, 85 km to Bratislava
RÅDGIVER Anne Stausholm
AREAL Terezov 8 ha and Velky Cetin 12 ha



The corporation Velky Cetin is a pig production farm located in the Eastern part of Slovakia with approximately 85 km to the capital Bratislava. Farma Terezov is owned by EPP A/S Terezov and is a part of several other productions units correspondingly positioned in Slovakia.

Both farms has recently undergone a complete renovation enabling effective production. This renovation has been done in compliance with the Slovakian and Danish environmental- and animal welfare regulations. Therefore, it has been secured that the location of the farm is in agreement with the Slovakian environmental regulations.


The execution of the renovation has not had any impact on the cultural heritage of the region. Further, it is important to highlight that the
surrounding nature and especially the protected areas will not be affected by the farm operations.



Our project proposal has carefully considered the area between the surroundings of the production buildings and the property line of the farm. The commendations consider and incorporate the regulations outlined by the authorities regarding the outdoor space in connection with the renovations of the buildings.

The proposal has made allowance for the visual as well as the interference noise from the outer surroundings. In addition, the intension is to create an outer boundary towards the property line, which will correspond to the expression of the production buildings and function to create a positive impression of the farm.

Further, the intension is to create surroundings of beautiful green areas, which will contribute to a good working life for the 20-22 employees working at the farm. Correspondingly, several people, both locals and internationals, visit the farm every year. It is of our wish to compose a proposal, which considers this and therefore is aiming to present the farm successfully.

The vision with the pig production is to create high technological, innovative and a future oriented production machinery that account for the modern and animal well-being conditions. It is our intension to carefully reflect this vision, which is seen in our intention of creating beautiful and visional expressions that correspond to the surroundings.